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Enterprise Grade, Team Communications & Management, Network Operator

We are E-GO Mobility, a professional wireless voice and data team-communications platform operator in Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China.  We provide enterprise users with the fastest team wireless voice and data communication and management solutions, with the best coverage on the planet – all in one mobile device.

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In the coming world of IoT convergence, E-GO Mobility provides one device that can be integrated with other management applications. We integrate your wireless voice and data command and control footprint onto a seamless platform which combines your customized needs with the versatility of Push-To-Talk (PTT) group communications.  All your devices for NFCbarcode scanninglocation trackinginventory control and other functions are now available on one device, including two-way group voice communications, complete with advanced services (GPS, Messaging, Emergency Alarm and Call and High Speed Data) to allow you to operate in ways never before possible.   

Contact E-GO Mobility to learn more about how we can help your business lower costs and complexity by bringing together solutions possible in today’s world of IoT convergence. Our network takes your company’s communications to next generation by providing you an IoT solution for tomorrow’s team communications and operation management needs.


Push - To - Talk


High Speed Voice & Data PTT

Our professional PTT solution is the next generation of Two-Way Radio that operates on a unified network. This new technology makes our network faster and more reliable and flexible, with wider range coverage than any previous generation system and – most importantly – reduces our customers’ operating costs by reducing the amount of systems to be maintained. 


Unified Solutions


Integrated Team Communications & Management Solutions

Convergence of the team-communications devices, where E-GO Mobility creates new opportunities to take advantage your capabilities by allowing advanced operations with other vertical solutions on one mobile device. We create value for your company with services and solutions that enable and transform the way our customers can wirelessly gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.


Event Control


Real Time Event Communications Rental Services

E-GO Mobility provides a complete Push-To-Talk Communications platform for event management with short and long term rentals. Our units let you maximize the control and coordination of your event. We can provide all equipment or you can BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  Our mobile PTT application is compatible with nearly all portable touchscreen devices (Android and IOS).