E-GO Mobility uses radio over IP (RoIP), a revolutionary new technology for two-way or PTT (Push-To-Talk) voice and data over an IP-based network for instant and reliable one-to-many communications. We provide our client with an integrated command and control communications solution. Your smartphone or dedicated device turns into an enterprise grade PTT device and works with LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G or Wi-Fi coverage. 


Our cutting edge technology is built upon more than five years of commercially successful experiences in the RoIP telecommunications marketplace, where we have thousands of mission critical and government users in Australia, Europe, Singapore, the United States and other locations. We stay heavily involved with future technical developments to ensure that our platform continues to offer unparalleled levels of service and interoperability.


Like traditional PTT services and devices, RoIP handsets are packed with regular and advanced features for mission critical command and control and provide our customers with a full package combining data and vice transfer and integrating all the known features of professional mobile radio, such as group calls, individual calls, priority calls, voice recoding and more. We also can integrate any business, working place and efficiency apps you currently use on to your personal network using our E-GO platform. We have what your business needs, such as dynamic talk-groups, direct calling, GPS, Chinese/English messaging, emergency calls and high resolution photo transmissions.

Radio-over-IP has become a major enabler of interoperability, allowing otherwise incompatible radio systems to communicate seamlessly, sharing a common data connection. PTT for mobile phones and PDAs are now all compatible with RoIP networks. This allows our users to communicate directly with radio users and dispatchers. Now, with E-GO Mobility, your business can unleash its full potential without having to keep track of all your wireless voice and data platforms. Let us do that for you!